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Acronym Title Funding Entity Start Date End Date
HfPT Health from Portugal PRR- Portuguese Resilience and Recovery Plan 01/02/2023 31/12/2025
DKG Distributed Knowledge Graphs COST ACTION 23/09/2020 22/09/2024


Acronym Title Funding Entity Start Date End Date
MarCODE Development and Application of Biochemical Tools for Seafood Products Traceability MAR2020 Other 01/07/2020 30/06/2023
CAMELOT Autonomic platform for Machine Learning using anonymized data P2020 01/07/2020 01/01/2023
GADgET Online Gambling Addiction Detection FCT 10/01/2019 09/07/2022
SMiLax Semantic Mining with Linked Data FCT 01/07/2016 31/12/2020
MIMED Mining the Molecular Metric Space for Drug Design FCT 01/06/2016 30/11/2019
RESISTIR Sistema de Informação para controlo de infecção inteligente e antibioterapia personalizada P2020 01/04/2016 01/04/2019
SOMER SOMER - Semantic Ontology Matching using External Resources FCT 19/03/2012 31/10/2014
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