LASIGE Workshop in Progress

Date: 11/03/2022

The 7th LASIGE Workshop will be held on April 19, 2022, and aims at reinforcing the connections among its members and the scientific community. This venue has two main goals:

  • Create synergies between LASIGE and other research labs by disseminating scientific works and sharing research impressions.
  • Bring together all LASIGE members to discuss the challenges and potential solutions that each line or researcher is pursuing.

The organizer team composed of LASIGE’s Ph.D. students, Diogo Branco, Filipa Rocha, Hugo Simão, João Batista, Miguel Silva, Nuno Rodrigues, Paulo Santos, Soraia Meneses Alarcão, Zygimantas Jasiunas, and also with Cátia Pesquita, LASIGE’s integrated member, have been working on the program and soon it will be available here.

Be welcome to present your work, submitting your posters as defined in the guidelines here.

We know that you will “Save the Date” therefore do not forget to provide the registration, until April 11th, here!