LASIGE members’ joining the effort to help portuguese health professionals

Date: 27/03/2020

LASIGE members Tiago Guerreiro, Hugo Simão and Lúcia Abreu have joined an initiative to produce visors to protect health professionals as they are on the front line of combating the COVID-19 pandemic. The model being produced follows the guidelines from the Northern Regional Health Administration. The visors are made of PETG, quick to make, easy to use and, most importantly, to sterilize. The team already delivered some material to a few hospitals. The goal is to produce a minimum of 50 masks.

Cátia Pesquita has also joined a similar initiative and is 3D printing the headbands of the protective shield, using the Prusa Research model. The headband is adapted to support the acetate sheet that will be used as the protective visor.

More visors will be made if the necessary material is available: PETG or 0,25 mm thick acetate sheets; soft elastic rubber/band. If you want to help, either with the resources or the manpower, to better coordinate the efforts, please e-mail Tiago Guerreiro, Cátia Pesquita or Lasige.

More information here:

Video of how to produce a visor in a short amount of time

“Vamos Ajudar Portugal” movement with headbands’ 3D printing and distribution info


   3D printed headbands