MarCODE project results

Date: 24/02/2023

The event “Dissemination of Results of the MarCODE Project” takes place on March 15, 2023, at 2 pm, at the Amphitheatre 6.2.56 of Ciências ULisboa, where Catia Pesquita and Sara Silva, LASIGE integrated members, will participate.

The session aims to present the tools developed under the MarCODE project – Development and application of biochemical tools for tracking commercial seafood products, funded by the Mar2020 Programme. The project team focused on the development of biochemical and molecular markers to confirm the capture or production locations of seafood products, assessing different biochemical, elemental, isotopic and microbial parameters. In addition, it was sought to compile information on the sustainability of the species and identify the nutritional advantages of each product, with a view to certification of origin and eco-labelling. This information was also complemented with different automatic classification methodologies based on artificial intelligence, aiming to automate the traceability process and improve the classification and labelling of products.

The objectives and approaches of the project can be seen in the respective promotional video.

The programme is available here.

You are welcome to join us, just have to register until March 7, 2023, here.