LASIGE @ University of Glasgow

Date: 22/02/2023

LASIGE’s Ph.D. student Diana Sousa was invited for a three-month stay at the School of Computing Science of the University of Glasgow, Scotland. The visit started at the beginning of February.

Our researcher will be the guest speaker on the University’s Informational Retrieval Group Seminars, next March 6, 2023, presenting the talk “Biomedical Relation Extraction Combining External Sources of Knowledge” based on this abstract:

“Successful biomedical relation extraction (RE) can provide evidence to researchers about possible unknown associations between entities, advancing our current knowledge about those entities and their inherent processes. Multiple RE approaches have been proposed to identify relations between concepts in literature, namely using neural network algorithms. However, most systems lack external knowledge injection, which is more problematic in the biomedical area given the widespread usage and high quality of biomedical ontologies and other resources. Also, there is a generalized lack of datasets for evaluating biomedical RE approaches due to the high cost of obtaining domain expertise in multiple fields. With this in mind, this seminar has two goals. The first is to present the current work emerging from the field of biomedical RE as well as some recent work in the application of external knowledge. Finally, the second goal is to propose new ways of obtaining biomedical RE gold-standard datasets and discuss their feasibility”.