Date: 16/06/2023

Teresa Chambel, LASIGE’s integrated member, participated with different roles in WICED x Cinemotions 2023 – Joint Workshop on “Intelligent Cinematography and Editing” and “Emotions in Movies”, on June 12th, at the ACM IMX 2023 International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences, in Nantes, France.


“That’s AWESOME: Awareness While Experiencing and Surfing On Movies through Emotions”, co-authored by LASIGE’s researchers Teresa Chambel, Manuel J. Fonseca, Thibault Langlois, Cláudia Ribeiro, Soraia M. Alarcão, and Ana Jorge, and ISCTE-IUL researchers Patrícia Arriaga, Octavian Postolache, and Nuno Piçarra, a paper summarizing the work done in the context of the AWESOME Research Project.

“Happy or Sad, Smiling or Drawing with Multimodal Search and Visualisation of Movies Based on Emotions Along Time”, Teresa Chambel, Francisco Caldeira, and João Lourenço. An Invited Talk about the work described in the authors’ recent paper that received a Best Paper Award.

Participated in the Panel:

“Datasets: for video analysis, user understanding, and automated media production systems” – to reflect on the role and impact of data in our respective domains on various levels (e.g., creative, social, computational).

Was also a member of the WICED x Cinemotions 2023 Program Committee, and had a very active participation at the ACM IMX 2023 main conference.