Date: 15/06/2023

Teresa Chambel, LASIGE’s integrated member, participated in IMX 2023: ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences, with the theme “Imaginary in Motion” this year, in Nantes, France, on June 12-15, 2023.

Presented: “Enhancing Emotional Awareness and Regulation in Movies and Music Based on Personality”, Daniel Pereira (LASIGE’s MSc student) and Teresa Chambel. A paper summarizing the work that Daniel is doing in the context of his Master Thesis.

Was Session Chair of Oral Session 2 on “Audiovisual Content Production & Referencing”, and Member of the Best Paper Award Committee.

Participated in the Panel: “IMX Past, Present, Future” – to reflect on the path of this event and the research field.

Teresa Chambel is also a member of the ACM IMX Steering Committee; in the role of Executive Vice-President in 2017-2022. At ACM IMX 2023, she also participated in the WICED x Cinemotions 2023 Workshop, presenting the work of the AWESOME Project with researchers from LASIGE and ISCTE-IUL.