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Awareness While Experiencing and Surfing On Movies through Emotions

Movies and videos are becoming more and more pervasive in our lives, through technological advances and the trends for media convergence that are enabling the access to videos over the Internet, in social media, and through video on demand services on iTV. These are typically characterized by genre, release year, director, actors, rating, etc., in (manually) associated metadata. Their content can even be automatically processed to identify e.g. dominant colors, presence of characters, conversation topics, and even some emotional content. However, and although one of the greatest strengths of video and movies is their power to engage viewers cognitively and emotionally, by combining images, texts, music and narration to tell stories with rich emotional content, the emotional dimension in movies has not been adequately investigated and supported. And several studies show that emotions influence the way we think and act, our health, our happiness and sense of wellbeing, having a central role in our lives.
The objective of this project is to investigate this emotional dimension of movies, to provide support for the classification, access, navigation and visualization of movie collections, not only by genre, rating, etc. but based on the emotions expressed in their content and felt by the viewers, while and after watching movies. This holds the potential to increase emotional awareness and empower users regulating emotions when accessing and watching movies and videos. The exploration of movies by their emotional dimensions can be used for entertainment, but also education or health purposes. Thus, these results could be relevant to a wide audience.

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CIS-IUL/Behaviour Emotion and Cognition & IT-IUL, ISCTE-IUL
Principal Investigator at LASIGE
Teresa Chambel
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