LASIGE members have been selected to host prestigious conferences in their fields

Date: 01/03/2018

Several of LASIGE members have recently been appointed as the main organizers of prestigious conferences in their respective fields:

  • Vasco T Vasconcelos has been selected as the General Chair for next year’s edition of POPL, the most influential international conference in the area of programming languages.
  • Teresa Chambel has been appointed as a General Chair for this year’s edition of ACM TVX, the leading international conference for research into online video, TV interaction and user experience.
  • Nuno Neves is the General Chair for 2018’s edition of Ada-Europe, a conference on Reliability Software Techniques. António Casimiro, José Rufino and Pedro Ferreira are also part of the organization as Program, Industrial and Publication chairs respectively.
  • Francisco Martins has also been selected as a General Chair for INFORUM 2018, the main Computer Science event in Portugal.