Talks@DI, Tom Bartindale, “Collaborative media production and the rise of objects”

Date: 11/03/2018

The Department of Informatics and LASIGE have invited Tom Bartindale, a Human Computer Interaction researcher to give a talk on collaborative media production and the rise of objects. Tom will share with us his experiences of event manager and technician and how it impacted his research in new media production.

The talk will take place on the 14th of March, at 14h on room C.6.3.38.


Over the last few years “object based media” is a term used to describe many different approaches to media production. In this talk I will outline how my work in production technologies and interaction modalities has led me to apply object based media paradigms to non-professional workflows. Through example content and descriptions of real-world deployments I will outline how we can benefit from the abstraction offered by object based media to facilitate richer engagement with media for professionals and communities alike.

Short Bio:
I am a Human Computer Interaction researcher. I specialize in new media production technologies and the opportunities arising from novel interaction technologies, collaborative interaction, mobile and situated computing. I have a passion for exploring the possibilities for new media production tools, processes and social dynamics, particularly given the vast array of innovative interaction technologies and networking infrastructure now available. I bring my first hand experience of working with production technologies, as an event manager and technician, to envision new forms of media consumption, production and delivery.