Francisco Martins

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Acronym Title Funding Entity Start Date End Date
RAP Resource Aware Programming FCT 13/01/2022 12/07/2023


Acronym Title Funding Entity Start Date End Date
SEAL SEcurity progrAmming of web appLications FCT 01/08/2018 30/06/2022
EUTypes The European Research Network on Types for Programming and Verification COST ACTION 24/03/2016 20/03/2020
doit Decentralization and Optimization of IoT aware business processes FCT 01/07/2016 31/12/2019
CONFIDENT Communication Contracts for Distributed Systems Development FCT 01/05/2016 31/10/2019
Static Verification of Safe Parallelism Static Verification of Safe Parallelism FLAD 01/01/2016 31/12/2016
MULTICORE MULTICORE - Advanced Type Systems for Multicore Programming FCT 01/01/2012 31/12/2014
MACAW MACAW - Macroprogramming for Wireless Sensor Networks FCT 01/03/2011 31/08/2014
PATI IoT-Aware business Processes FCT 01/01/2010 30/06/2013
AssertionTypes Assertion Types for Object-Oriented Programming FCT 01/01/2010 31/12/2011
CALLAS Calculi and Languages for Sensor Networks FCT 01/01/2008 31/12/2010
SENSORIA SENSORIA - Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Overlay Computers EU FP6 01/09/2005 28/02/2010