FCiências.ID Award recognizes the Excelence of André Lamúrias’ PhD thesis

Andre Lamurias
Date: 27/04/2020

André Lamúrias, LASIGE integrated member, was awarded by FCiências.ID for the Excelence of his PhD thesis "Development of a text mining approach to disease network discovery", completed in 2019.

This award recognizes exclusively, since 2019, doctoral theses of proven excellence from graduate students of the 3rd cycle of FCUL completed in the previous calendar year and was presented on the Ciências ULisboa anniversary ceremony.

The thesis is about the development of a text mining approach to disease network discovery, using machine learning and biomedical ontologies, in the context of systems biology. It contributed with several solutions that demonstrate the usefulness of text mining methods to systems biology by extracting domain-specific information from the literature. These solutions make it easier to integrate various areas of research, leading to a better understanding of biological systems.

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