Maxdata recognizes research work of LASIGE’s PhD student André Rodrigues

Date: 24/04/2020

Every year MaxData acknowledges the best student of each of Department of Informatics courses. The award is presented on the Ciências ULisboa anniversary ceremony.

This year several of LASIGE students were distinguished for their academic (BSc and MSc) record and research work (PhD) on the 2018/2019 academic period.

André Rodrigues’ research accomplishments on the designated period were distinguished with the MaxData Informatic Excellence award for a PhD student. He explored how the adoption and use of smartphone by blind people can be facilitated through a human powered approach. The research started with the in-depth characterization of the challenges blind people face when interacting with smartphones and then explored Q&A services, tutorials and smartphone assistants powered by volunteers.

André Rodrigues thesis was concluded and defended in January this year. The researcher successfully demonstrated how to leverage non-experts users to create effective assistance impacting blind users perceptions of their smartphone self-efficacy.