LASIGE receives bilateral fund to collaborate with University of Bath

Date: 04/05/2020

LASIGE researchers, Tiago Guerreiro, André Rodrigues and David Gonçalves, were awarded one of the 5 (out of 140) proposals bilateral funds to collaborate with the Comparative Crossmodal Cognition Collective, at the Unversity of Bath, led by Michael Proulx.

In the INPLAY project, LASIGE researchers Tiago Guerreiro, André Rodrigues, and David Gonçalves are exploring strong asymmetric gameplay mechanisms to provide an equally challenging, and engaging game for groups with mixed visual abilities, tightly connected with David's MSc thesis and upcoming PhD topic. Together with partners from the University of Bath, these researchers will assess the cognitive mechanisms underlying the nature of the game for cooperation between sighted and visually impaired players.

The Portugal-UK Bilateral Research Fund (BRF) was created to support the establishment and the development of research links between universities and research institutes in the UK and Portugal. It is an initiative of PARSUK and FCT.