VEDLIoT project @ IoT Week 2022 and HiPEAC 2022

Date: 22/06/2022

VEDLIoT project had an individual booth at the IoT Week 2022, June, 20-22, 2022, in Dublin, presenting its demonstration of the hardware being developed and one of the use cases of the project, the Smart Mirror.

The stand aroused the Minister of State Government of Ireland’s curiosity, Ossian Smyth (in the main news photo), who visited the stand and interact with the team present.

This project also presented itself at the HiPEAC 2022, on the same dates (June, 20-22, 2022), in Budapest. Besides the individual booth with its demo of hardware being developed, the VEDLIoT project team organized the workshop “DL4IoT – Workshop on Deep Learning for IoT” (image down here).

(Photos credits Cristiana Rosa)

You can find more information at IoT Week 2022 and HiPEAC 2022.