Chair and Program Committee @ XRWALC 2022 Workshop

Date: 23/06/2022

Teresa Chambel, LASIGE’s integrated member, was chair of XRWALC 2022 – 1st International Workshop on Analytics, Learning, and Collaboration in eXtended or Cross Reality (XR), that took place on June 22nd, at the ACM IMX 2022 International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences, in Aveiro, Portugal.

The program included 2 keynote speakers and 12 presentations organized in six sessions, ending with a demo and discussion. The workshop was held in a hybrid format with a room full of in-person participants and presenters, in communication with a remote audience and a couple of remote presenters.

Ana Paula Cláudio and Beatriz Carmo, also LASIGE’s integrated member, were members of the Program Committee of XRWALC 2022, and Teresa Chambel was also Doctoral Consortium Chair at ACM IMX 2022.