PESTT (PESTT an Educational Testing Tool) is an Eclipse plug-in for learning and designing unit tests for the Java language. Currently, PESTT supports unit tests based on the control and data flow graphs (CFG) of methods. It generates the CFG based on the source code of the method, allows for bidirectional linking between the source code and the generated CFG, generates test requirements, determines test paths, and computes the coverage level statistics. It provides full integration with JUnit and reconstructs run paths of each test method, computing statistics either for each test method or for the complete test set. PESTT distinguishes from other coverage analysis testing tools because it is not just a node and branch coverage analyzer. Among other things, it supports many other “more powerful” coverage criteria, like prime path coverage or all def-use paths coverage, and assists the test engineer in the various tasks of the testing activity.

Team: Francisco Martins; Ana Catarina Pereira; Rui Gameiro