Theory of Computing is LASIGE’s new RLE

Date: 03/04/2024

LASIGE has a new Research Lines of Excellence (RLEs) named Theory of Computing (ToC). ToC is focused on the fundamental, theoretical study of computation from a mathematical standpoint. The research line is headed by Bruno Loff, who is not only a LASIGE integrated researcher but also a Professor at the Ciências ULisboa Department of Mathematics. Currently, the main research on this topic is being carried out under the ERC funded project HOFGA.

With the addition of ToC, LASIGE now has a total of seven RLEs. These research lines reflect the interests and collaborations of researchers and promote cohesion and collaboration among LASIGE members. LASIGE’s researchers can contribute to any research line and work on different research topics, which are evaluated based on quality indicators such as scientific output, level of funding, and successful advanced training. These indicators are reviewed annually to ensure the quality of research being conducted.