EU H2020 HARIA project starts in April 2024

Date: 27/03/2024

LASIGE participates in the EU H2020 funded project “Human-Robot Sensorimotor Augmentation” (HARIA), which starts, in Portugal, on April 1, 2024. The project is coordinated by the University of Siena, and it counts with the participation of 9 organizations from 6 countries (Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden).

João Bimbo leads the team at LASIGE also composed of João Guerreiro, Nuno Garcia and Tiago Guerreiro, all LASIGE integrated members.

HARIA aims to re-defining the nature of physical human-robot interaction (HRI), laying the foundations of a new research field, i.e., human sensorimotor augmentation, whose constitutive elements are: i) AI-powered wearable and grounded supernumerary robotic limbs and wearable sensorimotor interfaces; ii) methods for augmentation enabling users to directly control and feel the extra limbs exploiting the redundancy of the human sensorimotor system through wearable interfaces; iii) clear target populations, i.e., chronic stroke and spinal cord injured individuals, and real-world application scenarios to demonstrate the extraordinary value of the paradigm shift that HARIA represents in HRI and the great impact on the motivation to re-use the paretic arm(s), with consequent improvement of the quality of life.