Talks @ LASIGE: Catarina Gamboa

Title: Science Communication and The Media

Speaker: Catarina Gamboa (LASIGE/FCUL and ISR/CMU)
Date: July 05, 2022, 15h00
Where: FCUL, C6.3.27

(Coffee break included)

Abstract: Sharing research moves the world forward. Each informal conversation, conference presentation or published article is a small step into communicating our research to other people, and it is our responsibility, as researchers, to convey our message and to have an active voice in communicating our knowledge. Nevertheless, our responsibility does not end when we share our findings with the small niche of people who understand our work’s intricacies. We should aim to communicate our research to any interested audience and discover ways to make them understand and relate to our line of work. And, to this end, social media tools can be powerful allies in reaching broader communities. This talk will highlight some lessons learned from the advanced course “Science and the Media – bringing together scientists, journalists and society” related to improving oral communication, using social media for science communication, and the interaction with journalists to get to an even broader audience.

Bio: Catarina Gamboa is a Ph.D. student at LASIGE, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, and next Fall, she will join the Software Engineering CMU|Portugal Dual-PhD program. She works in the area of Reliable Software Systems, and her current research aims at helping developers write better software through the use of Liquid Types. In addition, she has a particular interest in science communication and helping others understand advanced research topics.