LASIGE Workshop 2020


Next Thursday, February 13th, LASIGE is hosting its 5th annual workshop, featuring a variety of activities.

Four talks headline the event. In the morning, Andreia Santos, a psychologist at GAPSI, will present techniques on how to live with rejection. Next, Marta Daniela Santos and Sílvio Mendes will talk about good practices in science communication.

In the afternoon, the IST/UL Professor Yasser Omar will give a talk introducing quantum computing. The last keynote will be by the Probely’s CEO and Co-Founder Nuno Loureiro about the path to creating a cybersecurity company.

During the event, LASIGE’s students will have the opportunity to share their work during the poster session. The workshop will end with a team-building activity followed by the closing session (dinner).

A team of PhD students organises the whole event.