Emilio Tuosto talk

Emilio Tuosto

“Behavioural APIs and choreographic development” is the talk that Emilio Tuosto, associate professor at Gran Sasso Science Institute (L’Aquila, Italy), will give next February 14, 2020 at 2:00PM.

Choreography envisages distributed coordination as determined by iterations that allow peer components to harmoniously realize a given task. Unlike in orchestration-based coordination, there is no special component directing the execution. Recently choreographic approaches are becoming popular in industrial contexts where reliability and scalability are crucial factors. However, choreographic development of distributed software may be problematic. In this talk Tuosto will review some recent ideas to harness choreographic development of message-passing software.

Emilio Tuosto graduated (1998) and got his PhD degree in Computer Science (2003) at the department of Computer Science, University of Pisa. Before joining Leicester, have been a research associate (2003-2005) at the Dipartimento di Informatica (University of Pisa).

His main research interests are in theoretical and applied aspects of complies distributed systems. Recently he has been working on automata- and behavioural type-based models of distributed choreographies, contract-based models of distributed interactions, and their application to software engineering of distributed and concurrent systems.