Successful organization at SafeComp2020

SafeComp 2020
Date: 15/09/2020

This week, between September 15 and 18, occurs the SafeComp 2020: 39th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security, which is being organized by members of LASIGE (António Casimiro, Bernardo Ferreira, Ibéria Medeiros, Pedro Ferreira) and whose general chair and program co-chair is Prof. António Casimiro.

This year the key theme of the conference is "Safe AI in critical systems", with around 150 participants from 18 countries registering.

The conference program includes presentations of the 29 articles that were selected by the program committee from among the 116 submitted (25% acceptance rate), as well as 3 keynote talks by speakers from EASA, NVIDIA, and BMW. The industry's strong interest in this conference is reflected in the presence of many participants (around 40%) from companies in the automotive, space, or healthcare domains.

Even taking place as a virtual event, due to the pandemic, the conference is still being considered a success, thus demonstrating the organizational capacity of LASIGE members.