LASIGE @ “Study and Research in Portugal” initiative (#6)

Date: 11/09/2020

LASIGE was invited by Direção Geral do Ensino Superior (DGES, Directorate-General for Higher Education) to participate in the “Study and Research in Portugal” initiative, to support the promotion and dissemination of Portuguese higher education, institutions, and national educational offer.

This international promotion intends to assist higher education institutions attracting international students and researchers, promote Portuguese higher education and facilitate the establishment of partnerships and strategic cooperation, as well as intensify the activities developed abroad in this context.

Our researchers answered this challenge and shared their experiences. Vinicius V. Cogo, from Brazil, researcher and a recently graduated PhD from LASIGE, expressed (testimony #6):

"What started as a 4-months undergraduate internship in Portugal became 10+ years of study degrees, research projects, friends, and a new home. Portugal has an incredibly diverse culture that favors life-work balance while promoting excellence to compete internationally in many aspects. Portuguese people are discoverers by nature and embrace diversity and equal opportunities. I am grateful for everything this country has offered me and hope to enable others also to find here their opportunities."