RENE Track Committee @ SSBSE 2020

Date: 15/05/2020

José Campos, LASIGE integrated member, is part of the program committee of the RENE track at SSBSE 2020 which will take place in October, 7-8 in Bari, Italy.

SSBSE 2020 will be hosting a replications track for the first time, in line with many software engineering conferences. The role of replication studies is crucial in software engineering research. Replications can either strengthen the results of the original study by increasing external validity with additional data or provide new insights into the variables that may impact the results. This track provides a venue for researchers to submit replications of all types of empirical studies related to Search-Based Software Engineering.

Papers can report replications of the author's own work or replications of another researcher's work. If the experiments have been replicated and reproduced either partially or fully, the replications track is the right avenue to submit your findings. In addition, papers that report negative results are also welcome as they provide important contributions to scientific knowledge because they allow anyone to constantly evaluate and understanding of the current approaches.