LASIGE’s MSc student Nuno Rodrigues work published in IEEE Access, a top ranked journal

nuno rodrigues_paper IEEE
Date: 10/07/2020

LASIGE’s MSc student Nuno Rodrigues is the first author of the paper “A Study of Generalization and Fitness Landscapes for Neuroevolution”, published in June, in IEEE Access, a top-ranked engineering and computer science journal (h-5 index 119). The paper is co-authored by Nuno Rodrigues’ supervisors and LASIGE members, Sara Silva and invited researcher Leonardo Vanneschi.

In the published work, the researchers demonstrate how the application of fitness landscape analysis to neuroevolution provides insights regarding problem hardness and allows the prediction of the generalization capability, the latter being a pioneering achievement in this research field. For this study, the researchers designed their own grammar based neuroevolution algorithm as well as two of the seven fitness landscape analysis methods.

The full article is available here.