Francisco M. Couto talk at MUCLIN (MIE2020/EFMI)

Date: 08/07/2020

Francisco M. Couto gave an invited talk, titled “Multilingual Text Mining” at the first edition of the Multilingual clinical NLP workshop: MUCLIN. The event took place on July 4, online.

Structured clinical information, in the form of codified clinical records relying on controlled vocabularies, is a key resource for statistical analysis techniques applied to patient data. Therefore, text mining generated clinical coding results can provide a rich clinical context for patient health information necessary for other data analysis processes like bioinformatics and OMICS data exploration. The MUCLIN workshop aim is to foster the development of clinical NLP and automatic coding systems and targets researchers from medical informatics, clinical/biomedical text mining, bioinformatics, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning communities. The workshop was part of the Medical Informatics Europe 2020 (MIE2020/EFMI) conference that this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, took place virtually.

The talk is available here.