LASIGE Workshop on Project Proposal Writing: Lessons Learned from Succesful PIs

Date: 17/05/2023

The first edition of the LASIGE Workshop on Project Proposal Writing was held on May 17, 2023, aiming to promote a set of initiatives to support the preparation of FCT proposals and to support LASIGE researchers in preparing their grant proposals.

This session aimed for interesting researchers in learning more about proposal/grant writing, especially those who wish to submit a proposal in the next FCT call and was specially designed for all Early Career Researchers.

Successful PIs, such as Alysson Bessani, João Guereiro, Vasco Vasconcelos, André Rodrigues, and Nuno Garcia shared their experience and insights about the approval of their projects: SMaRtChain, AccessVR, SafeSessions, PlayFam-Plug n’ Play, DL-CADET, respectively.

The next session is already planned to continue this preparation, titled “LASIGE Project Proposal Pitch to Peers”, which will occur in October 2023.