LASIGE co-organizer of Challenge iDPP@CLEF 2022

Date: 04/04/2022

Sara C. Madeira and Helena Aidos, LASIGE’s researchers, are co-organizing the Intelligent Disease Progression Prediction Challenge (iDPP) at CLEF Initiative (Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum), under the scope of EU BRAINTEASER project, that is now running for Calls for Participation in the Pilot Tasks (deadline: May 6, 2022) and for Position Papers (deadline: May 27, 2022).

The goal of iDPP@CLEF is to design and develop an evaluation infrastructure for AI algorithms able to: better describe disease mechanisms; stratify patients according to their phenotype assessed all over the disease evolution; predict disease progression in a probabilistic, time dependent fashion.

Overall iDPP@CLEF 2022 is targeting two kinds of activities: (a) preliminary and exploratory pilot tasks on ALS progression prediction; (b) position papers on the explainability of the prediction algorithms. Overall, this mix will provide participants with the opportunity to make some hands-on experience with these data and provide feedback about the task design as well as to brainstorm on how to evaluate this kind of algorithms and, in particular, assess their explainability.

Find more information: here, on LinkedIn, and on Twitter (@brainteaser2020).

Registration: here