LASIGE @ National Meeting on Climate Changes Research

JBatista_Encontro alterac climaticas_red
Date: 18/02/2020

The National Meeting on Climate Changes Research, co-organized by Ciências ULisboa and Lisbon European Green Capital 2020, took place at Ciências ULisboa, on February 17th and 18th, 2020, and João Batista, one of LASIGE's PhD students, was present.

He presented his work "Improving the Detection of Burnt Areas in Remote Sensing using Hyper-features Evolved by M3GP". The Genetic Programming algorithm M3GP was used to create new hyper-features that lead to a significant improvement in the generalization capabilities of several machine learning methods in the detection of burnt areas, including Decision Trees, Random Forests and XGBoost.

One of the main ambitions of Lisbon European Green Capital 2020 consists of regional and local climate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with urban activities and to adapt and prepare the city for the main expected impacts. To achieve these objectives, it is essential to put researchers and society in dialogue, from economic actors to policy makers. This event aimed to gather and disseminate the excellent research on Climate Changes produced by national research units, included round tables covering diverse topics, such as climate modeling and sectoral impacts (ecosystems, economics, global and local political decision).