Guest Lecture @ ADSI: João Craveiro, “What the heck is a product manager?”

Date: 20/11/2017

The Information Systems Analysis and Design course invited ex-LASIGE researcher and FCUL PhD graduate, João Craveiro, to present a lecture about his profesional experience as a product manager.

The lecture will aim to give a practical overview of the role of product manager, focusing on its digital product management side – a function that is all related to the discovery process addressed in Systems Analysis and Product Design. What does it consist of? Why is there so much confusion in the industry about what a product manager really is? Who are the good product managers, what characterizes them? What training do they have? How and why does someone with a technical background (eg computer engineering) transition to this role? What are the pros, cons and challenges of being a product manager with engineer mind? How does a product manager learn constantly, to stay current in a context of permanent change?

Short bio:

João Craveiro is Product Manager at Onfido, a UK-based remote identity verification startup that has already raised $ 60m in funding from investors such as Microsoft Venture and Salesforce Ventures. Previously, he was Product Manager and Software Engineer at Premium Minds, a Portuguese software house, and Assistant Professor at Lusófona University. Prior to that, he did research for several years at DI-FCUL (in particular at LASIGE), where he developed his doctoral theses (2014) and master’s degree (2009) and taught, as a monitor, practical classes of several undergraduate and master’s degree