Advanced virtual network @ SUPERCLOUD

Date: 04/12/2017

A team of LASIGE, constituted by Nuno Neves, Fernando Ramos, Max Alaluna and Eric Vial, demonstrated the creation of a virtual network connecting 10 000 Docker containers over a multi-cloud setting spanning three providers (Amazon, Google, and LASIGE as a private cloud). The event was held during the SUPERCLOUD project meeting at the Orange Gardens Innovation Center in Châtillon, south of Paris.

Our team has been developing a new architecture that allows network virtualization to extend across multiple cloud providers, therefore increasing the versatility of the network infrastructure. In this setting, a tenant can specify the required virtual network resources, which can now be spread over the datacenters of several cloud operators. This is achieved by creating a new network layer above the existing cloud hypervisor to hide the heterogeneity of the resources from the different providers, while offering the level of control to setup the required links among the VMs. We follow an SDN approach, where the new network layer contains an Open vSwitch that is configured by an SDN controller, in order to perform the necessary virtual-to-physical mappings and the set up of tunnels to allow the network to be virtualized.