CHI 2019 Accessibility & Aging Subcommittee Chair

Tiago and other Portuguese researchers (Bruno Araújo, Univ. of Toronto; Pedro Lopes, University of Chicago; Hugo Nicolau, IST) at CHI 2018, before the closing session where CHI 2019 was announced
Date: 02/10/2018

Tiago Guerreiro is a CHI 2019 Accessibility & Aging Subcommittee Chair together with Anne Marie Piper, Northwestern University. The ACM CHI conference is the human-computer interaction flagship conference (Core A*, h5-index:85). CHI 2019 expects about 3000 paper submissions. This will require the production of about 6000 high-quality external reviews + 3000 high-quality AC reviews + 3000 high-quality meta-reviews. This takes 2 papers chairs, 35 sub-committee chairs, 280 associate chairs who will manage approx 8 papers each as the Primary AC with three reviews and 8 more papers each as the Second AC, and approximately 5,000 reviewers.

This subcommittee is suitable for contributions related to accessibility for people with disabilities and/or technology for and studies involving older adults. Accessibility papers are those that deal with technology design for or use by people with disabilities including sensory, motor, and cognitive impairments. Submissions to this subcommittee will be evaluated in part based on their inclusion of and potential impact on their target user groups and other stakeholders. This subcommittee balances the rigor required in all CHI submissions with awareness of the challenges of conducting research in these important areas. This subcommittee welcomes all contributions related to accessibility, and aging, including empirical, theoretical, conceptual, methodological, design, and systems contributions.

Tiago was an Associated Chair at CHI for 5 years before becoming a Subcommittee Chair. Tiago is the only Portuguese researcher to have ever served at such a high position in this top-tier venue.