André Rodrigues @ 90 Segundos de Ciência

Date: 04/03/2024

André Rodrigues, LASIGE integrated member, was the guest on the 90 Segundos de Ciência podcast, on March 4, 2024, talking about collaborative games that create opportunities for socialising inside and outside the game, enabling, as an example, parents and children to play together even though they’re playing different games, by creating collaborative games for the whole family.

Historically, there has been a focus on the negative side of games, from violence to bullying to addiction, but while these issues are important, games can also be an important socialising tool.

“Actually there are 3 billion people playing games and these are fantastic tools to ensure that people interact with each other” – says André Rodrigues who is highly motivated to get the best out of games by getting two (or more) people to want to socialise and be together, creating opportunities through games for these social interactions to happen.

The podcast is available here.