Workshop on Data-Centric Dependability and Security @ DSN 2019

Date: 20/02/2019

Ibéria Medeiros and Pedro Ferreira are members of the organizing
committee of the first Workshop on Data-Centric Dependability and
Security (DCDS 2019)
. Alysson Bessani
is a member of DCDS 2019 Program Committee.

The Workshop will take place on June 24 2019, in Portland, Oregon, USA,
and is co-located with the IEEE/IFIP International Conference on
Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN 2019)

More info:

Today’s computing systems are increasingly networked, complex and
diverse, integrating multiple distinct components with different
configurations. They operate under increasing scales and in dynamic
operating environments, generating more and more functional and
non-functional data. Along with open source intelligence, these data can
be fused and exploited to improve the security and dependability of
systems, making them more resilient to cyberattacks, accident faults and
unexpected operating conditions. Additionally, as systems grow in
complexity and size, they become harder to manage and report on. This
calls for solutions combining the latest advances in areas such as
large-scale data processing, data science, visualization and machine and
statistical learning.

Dependability and security are of the utmost importance for computing
systems. Due to the scale and complexity of current systems, both
aspects are a permanent and growing concern in industry and academia. On
the one hand, the volume and diversity of functional and non-functional
data, including open source information, along with increasingly
dynamical operating environments, create additional obstacles to the
dependability and security of systems. On the other hand, it creates an
information rich environment that, leveraged by techniques from modern
data science, machine and statistical learning, and visualization, will
contribute to improve systems resilience in contexts of dynamic
operating environments and unexpected operating conditions. As such,
there is a strong demand for production-ready systems leveraging from
data-centric solutions able to improve and, adaptively, maintain the
dependability and security of computing systems.

The workshop aims at providing researchers with a forum to exchange and
discuss scientific contributions and open challenges, both theoretical
and practical, related to the use of data-centric approaches that
promote the dependability and cybersecurity of computing systems. We
want to foster joint work and knowledge exchange between the
dependability and security communities, and researchers and
practitioners from areas such as machine and statistical learning, and
data science and visualization. The workshop provides a forum for
discussing novel trends in data-centric processing technologies and the
role of such technologies in the development of resilient systems. It
aims to discuss novel approaches for processing and analysing data
generated by the systems as well as information gathered from open
sources, leveraging from data science, machine and statistical learning
techniques, and visualization. The workshop shall contribute to identify
new application areas as well as open and future research problems, for
data-centric approaches to system dependability and security.