Workshop in Bioinformatics by Francisco M. Couto at the VII SBE

Date: 29/03/2022

Francisco M. Couto, LASIGE’s integrated member, was invited to give a workshop at the VII Semana da Bioengenharia (VII SBE) at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), held on March, 29, 2022.

Our researcher talked about his main research contributions, namely in proposing and developing: various text mining solutions that explore the semantics encoded in ontologies; semantic similarity measures and tools using biomedical ontologies; and ontology and linked data matching systems.

SBE IST was created to enhance the relationship between the academic community and both the corporate and scientific world, as well as to disseminate the work carried out in the world in the most diverse fields of bioengineering. It is a week full of lectures from researchers and companies in the bioengineering area, defying challenges, workshops and international guests, and job fair, among others.