WideHealth an EU twinning program success story

Date: 07/06/2023

WideHealth project, led by the integrated researcher Tiago Guerreiro at LASIGE, has been featured as one of the success stories for the European Commission of the Twinning program.

The Twinning program encourages institutions to work together as collaboration is always at the heart of scientific research and innovation. It aims to strengthen research and innovation performance in Widening countries by enhancing cooperation with advanced partners. This cooperation is implemented via networking and training activities such as workshops, conferences, staff exchanges, summer/winter schools, and other supporting actions.

This funding opportunity must be coordinated by Widening research institutions linked with at least two other research institutions from two different member states or associated countries, top-class leading European and international counterparts. This has the ultimate purpose of building on the huge potential of networking for excellence through knowledge transfers and the exchange of best practices.

Therefore the WideHealth project (Widening Research on Pervasive and eHealth) is coordinated by North Macedonia and includes partners from Slovenia, Portugal, Italy, and Germany. It is concentrating its efforts on data-driven healthcare and human factors in pervasive health and machine learning. The overarching goal of the project is to enable a new generation of researchers in the European Widening countries to develop and adapt novel eHealth technologies exploitable in the long run in their different healthcare contexts.