W4A 2015 co-chaired by LaSIGE members

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Date: 29/05/2015

The W4A 2015 – 12th Web for All Conference, which ended on last May 20 in Florence, Italy, with an enviable success, registering the highest levels of submission and conference participation in its history, was co-chaired by LaSIGE members, with Prof. Luís Carriço as co-General chair and Prof. Tiago Guerreiro as co-Programme chair.

W4A, is a web accessibility research conference, open to everyone, whether to an academic or industrial researcher, or to an interested in research directions for accessibility. Over the years, W4A has developed a reputation of a growing community of friendly, knowledgeable people who share a passion for furthering understanding and knowledge of web accessibility.

W4A’s primary definition of “accessibility” is people with disabilities and the Web. But it also recognize that other people may benefit from accessibility innovations, and in some cases, innovations that came about from solving other problems can have benefits for people with disabilities too.