Vawlt is now multilingual

Date: 06/01/2022

Betting on its internationalization, our spinoff Vawlt Technologies, has now a new version of its website, that features, besides the English language, Spanish, French, and German translations, as well as a Brazilian Portuguese version.

The spinoff has been founded in 2019 by Alysson Bessani, LASIGE integrated researcher, and the former members: Ricardo Mendes, Tiago Oliveira.

Vawlt is a multi-cloud data storage solution in a secure, simple, and efficient way. This solution stores data in a kind of cloud-of-clouds, and relies on multiple providers, namely Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. In addition to simplifying the operation of multiple clouds, the solution vastly improves the security standards on each cloud provider and optimizes the use of storage resources. Vawlt’s solution also ensures protection against ransomware attacks.

Last year, Vawlt Technologies partnered up, in Portugal, with NOS, jp.di, and hired several new collaborators.