Vasco Vasconcelos wins ETAPS Test of Time Award

Date: 15/04/2019

This past week, Vasco Vasconcelos, LASIGE member and director, won the ETAPS Test of Time Award with the paper “Language Primitives and Type Discipline for Structured Communication-Based Programming”, co-authored with Kohei Honda and Makoto Kubo.

The ETAPS Test of Time Award, instituted 2017, recognizes outstanding papers published more than 10 years in the past in one of the constituent conferences of ETAPS. The Award recognises the impact of excellent research results that have been published at ETAPS.

The Test of Time Award is selected by an Award Committee consisting of a representative of each of the constituent ETAPS conferences, the ETAPS Steering Committee Chair, the General Chair of the current ETAPS, and a Chair appointed by the ETAPS Steering Committee Chair. The Award Committee is expected to select 1-2 papers each year. It may choose to select no paper in a given year.

The winners of the ETAPS Test of Time Award receive a recognition plaque at ETAPS and a cash award of 1000€ which is shared among the authors. A paper can receive the ETAPS Test of Time Award only once.