Ecological Mapping

Ecological Mapping is a mobile application that is used by experts and scientists to better understand the ecological landscape of urban parks and gardens. As a user, you can travel to specific marked locations, or to a location with some habitats (e.g, large urban park or a single tree in the city), and make a new observation, classifying the amount and type of trees, shrubs, ponds and other.
Both self-selected and pre-selected location will give you points in a leaderboard. The data collected from this application is anonymous, and will provide experts in the field the tools necessary to ecologically urban parks and gardens. The app is available at LASIGE’s Google Play store.

The Ecological Mapping application was developed as part of a project of the cE3c research centre and had the collaboration of LASIGE researchers.

Team @ LASIGE: Vicky RajaniAna Paula AfonsoPedro Ferreira

App @ LASIGE’s Google Play Store