Tiago Guerreiro will be a keynote speaker at MexIHC 2021

Date: 25/08/2021

LASIGE integrated member Tiago Guerreiro will deliver a keynote speech at MexIHC 2021. The event will take place online from December 1 to 3. MexIHC is the premier Human-Computer Interaction conference in Mexico, organized by the Mexican ACM SIGCHI chapter (CHI-México) and the Mexican Association on Human Computer Interaction (AMexIHC).

The talk, entitled “Designing Inclusive Technologies that Promote Collaboration, Playfulness, and Self-Efficacy”, addresses the consequences of dealing with accessibility as an after-thought, which results in the development of sub-optimal accessible systems. The researcher will talk about his team’s research and experience in the context of inclusive learning, inclusive gaming, and human-robot interaction and how the engagement with communities of people with disabilities allowed for the creation of interactive experiences that are playful, collaborative, and promote self-efficacy.

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