Tiago Guerreiro participated in AMA’s training on digital accessibility and usability

Date: 19/05/2021

LASIGE’s Tiago Guerreiro was one of the speakers of the second round table of AMA’s Ciclo de Formação em Acessibilidade e Usabilidade Digital (in english,Training on Digital Accessibility and Usability). In this round table, themed “How to apply the Accessibility Guidelines to Apps?”, also participated Reinaldo Ferraz, from W3C Brazil, Henri Fontana, from Google, and Marco Paiva, from Huawei Portugal.

AMA’s training on digital accessibility and usability are a cycle of events (round tables and digital workshops) that aim to raise awareness and present possibilities of practices for the improvement of the inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in an increasingly digital society. The main focus of this training is Portugal’s response to the Digital Era accessibility challenge, the country’s legal obligations, standards, and good practices and the actions to implement them. It is aimed at a wide audience, not only of experts but also of those who have responsibilities in the development of contents, services and digital products.

The event is available here (in Portuguese).