Tiago Guerreiro speaker at event on technologies to support treatment of people with Parkinson’s

Tiago G_

Title: Parkinson‘s and Technology: The Road to Optimal Treatment

Speaker: Tiago Guerreiro, LASIGE – DI/FCUL

When: March 27 at 2:00PM-4:45PM (CET)

Where: virtual conference

About: This event is jointly organised by SIGP@T (Special Interest Group on Parkinson’s and Technology), DRIG (Dundee Research Interest Group), WPC (World Parkinson Congress 2022)

Abstract: The use of intelligent solutions allows the detection of critical developments and early or timely intervention. This raises the question of how much responsibility the patient is willing to hand over to the monitoring system and when the doctor’s responsibility begins. This question will certainly be discussed at length and controversially; ultimately, each patient must answer it for himself. But we can certainly draw one conclusion: intelligent solutions have the potential to support and guide the doctor in determining the optimal treatment.

Biography: Tiago Guerreiro is an Assistant Professor at Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa, and a senior researcher at LASIGE. His main areas of expertise are Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design for Healthcare, and Accessible Computing. His research is focused on improving health and accessibility through technology, following a user- and data-driven approach, pillared by deploying and assessing technological artifacts in-the-wild. In these areas, he has published 75+ peer-reviewed papers. He received awards for 10+ papers, including at CHI, ASSETS, and MHCI, and an ACM Best of Computing award in 2016. He was the ASSETS 2020 General Chair, Web for All General and Program Chair, in 2016 and 2015, respectively, was Chair of the “Accessibility & Aging” Subcommittee for CHI 2019, among many other service roles. He is ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing Editor-in-Chief. He participated in 10+ EU projects (including an ongoing IMI project on digital endpoints for PD). He was an expert evaluator for H2020 EU PHC, EIT Health, CMU Portugal, and ERA ICPermed calls and was an invited expert supporting the European Commission in implementing the Web Accessibility Directive. He is the chair of Ciências’s Ethics Review Board, the coordinator of LASIGE’s research line on Accessibility and Aging, and a member of the coordination board of the Data Science Master at Ciências.

Other speakers: Professor Richard Walker, Dr Rutger Zietsma, Dr Athanasis Tsanas