Ten Minutes Talk with the PhD students in Informatics

Title: Architectural support and mechanisms for resilient and safe control in CPS

Speaker: Rohit Kumar, LASIGE – DI/FCUL

When: Wednesday, May 5th, 17h45


Short summary: The complex engineering research field of cyber-physical systems (CPS) is based on integration of computation, communication and physical processes, providing design, modeling and analysis techniques as whole. In this talk he will briefly introduce architectural model of CPS focusing on the challenges to meet its safety and application.

Short Bio: Rohit Kumar has completed his masters (M.Tech in Mobile Communication & Computing) and bachelor (B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering) from National Institute of Technology (India) and Mizoram University (India) respectively. He had previously worked on UHD Video Coding & Retargeting at Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT-Aveiro) and currently is a PhD student at department of informatics, FCUL. He is working on ADMORPH project under supervision of António Casimiro.