Ten Minutes Talk with the PhD students in Informatics

Carlos MFerro

Title: Safe resource-aware virtual machines for IoT devices

Speaker: Carlos Mão de Ferro (LASIGE, DI-FCUL)

When: Wednesday, March 10th, 17h45


Short Summary: In this talk he will briefly introduce the topic of programming embedded systems for IoT, mainly focusing on the challenges of delivering software that is safe (i.e., that it doesn’t crash). His latest research presents Shelley, a specification language for Cyber-Physical Systems, and a verification algorithm that checks the integration of stateful systems. Show up and discover how this is related to the Frankenstein character!

Short Bio: Carlos has been working with Wireless Sensor Networks and Embedded Software for 10 years. After his master thesis conclusion in 2013, he alternated between academia and the industry worlds. His Ph.D. research focuses on new programming languages techniques that deliver safe and resource-aware programming of embedded devices, thus promoting a reliable and sustainable Internet of Things (IoT) environment. In 2019 he was a Fulbright scholar at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He enjoys reading topics about Physics, Astronomy and Biology and he is also passionate about music, having learned to play the flute and the piano as a child.