Talks @ DI: Rúben Gouveia

Title: From Personal Data to Personal Health: Designing for Goals, Reflection, and Personalisation
Speaker: Rúben Gouveia (LASIGE/DI)
Date: July 3, 2024, 14h00
Where: FCUL, 6.3.27

Abstract: Many patients and health providers believe that health technologies, particularly those that incorporate self-tracking, have the potential to provide a more complete and accurate understanding of an individual’s habits and overall health. Such an understanding could lead to more personalized care. However, current tools often fail to support the goals people have for health tracking and management, leaving this potential largely unrealized. In this talk, I will discuss some challenges to the design of digital health tools, and how I address this within my research. I’ll discuss how my own research balances design and technology to support people in expressing and pursuing their multiple, distinct, and evolving goals to help them overcome barriers to personalized health management.

Short Bio: Rúben Gouveia has recently joined FCUL as an Assistant Professor. Working on challenges of health and wellbeing, he designs and evaluates tools for helping people collect, visualise and make sense of their health data. Core to Rúben’s research is the question: how can we design health tracking tools that account for the reality of people’s everyday lives?