PHD in Informatics Seminar #10 2022/2023 | DI Ciências ULisboa

Title: Homeostatic Basis for Emotional Phenomena
Speaker: Hélder Bastos, LASIGE/DI-FCUL
When: July 6, 12h
Where: 6.3.27

Abstract: During the efforts of research for computational models of emotional learning and memory, the author found barriers in operationalising the Flow Model of Emotion (FME): a computational emotional model portrayed by continuous and motivational-centric dynamic characterisation.
Consequently, a homeostatic architecture inspired by the possible relationship between homeostasis and emotion [1] arose, which opened new lines of research on emotional phenomena.
This presentation intends to show the current state of the art of the research by focusing on the developed homeostatic architecture and a glimpse at some of the consequent lines of research: homeostatic-centred motivation and intrinsic multi-objective reinforcement learning.

[1] Damasio, A. (2019). The strange order of things: Life, feeling, and the making of cultures. Vintage.