Empowering Youth and Communities Through Art, Science and Technology: Agnes Chavez

SAP Lab residency session in the context of “Animação e Ambientes Virtuais” and “Multimédia” courses of the Informatics Department: DI @Ciências.ULisboa, and LASIGE.
Organized by: Ana Paula Cláudio, Beatriz Carmo, Catarina Pombo Nabais, and Teresa Chambel

Title: Empowering Youth and Communities Through Art, Science, and Technology
Speaker: Agnes Chavez, STEMArts Lab, New Mexico, USA SAP Lab residency program
When: May 25, 5:30 PM
Where: FCUL, Room 6.2.48

Abstract: How can we create more humane and sustainable futures through art, science and technology? Can new media art be utilized to understand and communicate science concepts? What are the impacts of XR/VR technologies as a tool for creativity and social engagement?

Short bio: Agnes Chavez, new media artist and educator, will share examples of her research and work which experiments with data visualization, Extended Reality (XR), sound and light to create participatory experiences that seek balance between science and art, nature and technology. She collaborates with artists and scientists to create sci-art installations and STEAM programming for schools, art/science organizations and festivals around the world.