CPS and RDNS meetup: Miracle Aniakor

Speakers: Miracle Aniakor, LASIGE – DI/FCUL

When: March 10th, 14h00

Where: Room C6.3.27

Talk 1: Context-Aware Predictive Framework for Building Energy Self-Assessment and Optimization

Abstract: It is prevalent that buildings are one of the fastest growing energy-consuming sectors since they account for one-third of the global final energy consumption. Strategies are needed to ameliorate buildings’ energy efficiency to mitigate the impact of this growing demand. The goal of this ongoing work is to develop a context-aware predictive framework to compose and support the automated building energy self-assessment and optimization services. This presentation overviews the proposed framework and details the initial contributions on extending energy-related ontologies for better describing building subsystems and their energy consumption.

Short bio: Miracle Aniakor is a PhD candidate in Computer science and also a Machine learning researcher under the EU SATO project, currently working on his thesis under the supervision of Professor Pedro Ferreira and Professor Vinicius Cogo.